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In this report we will be building:Requirements. A server managing CentOS v. Set up multiple IP addresses on a one network interface. To set up IP-dependent virtual web hosting, you want to have much more than one particular IP deal with assigned to your server. Environment up several IP addresses on a one community interface is referred to as "IP aliasing. " It is extremely beneficial, specifically if your server only has one particular community interface card (NIC). To established up numerous IPs, you want to edit the ifcfg-eth0 file:Add/edit the pursuing traces:Save and near the file when you are finished.

Then restart the network services to make these adjustments just take result. Set up multiple cases of Apache. By default Apache my ip listens for incoming connections on port 80 . For port-primarily based digital web hosting, you need to have to inform Apache to listen for IP tackle 192. 168. 1. 42 on port eighty and for IP address 192. 168. 1. forty three on port 8080 . To set up various ports, you need to have to edit the httpd. conf file:Add/edit the following traces:Save and near the file, then restart Apache to make these modifications just take outcome. Create the listing structure. First, you need to make a listing composition which will hold the web internet pages. This listing is identified as "document root" for the area. In CentOS 7 the default Apache doc root listing is /var/www/html/ . Now, make two directory for web-sites www. ip-vhost. com and www. port-vhost. com in the default Apache document root listing:Create check internet web pages for each and every virtual host. Now, you have to have to produce an index. html file for each individual internet site which will determine that certain domain. Let's make an index. html file for the www. ip-vhost. com ip virtual host. Add the following articles. Save and near the file when you are completed. Similarly, create an index. html file for the www. port-vhost. com digital host. Add the following content material. Save and near this file as very well. Now, you have the internet pages to check the virtual host configuration. Set up ownership and permissions. In CentOS seven by default the Apache services runs as the consumer apache .

You must adjust the possession of these two virtual directories to apache , so that Apache can read through and publish info. You can change the possession with chown command. You ought to also make the Apache document root /var/www/html listing environment readable, so that all people can examine data files from that directory. Now your web server has the permissions it needs to provide written content. Create digital host data files. The next phase is to build a digital host configuration file for every web page. The identify of each configuration file should end with . conf . Let's make a virtual host file for web site www. ip-vhost. com . Add the pursuing information. Save and shut the file when you are finished. Similarly, produce a virtual host file for web page www. port-vhost. com . Add the next content. When you are concluded, it is a fantastic idea to examine the syntax of the configuration. You can verify the syntax of files with the pursuing command:

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After the syntax check out is performed, restart Apache to make these adjustments choose influence.

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